AMC Entertainment Stock Analysis

Hello everyone, welcome to your website. Earlier I have told about Tesla stock, Ford stock, Amazon stock, Disney stock etc. If you want know about them, then definitely read the articles written by us on them. Many of you must heard about AMC. Today I am going to talk about technical analysis on ‘AMC Entertainment Stock Analysis’. In this article we will see What is AMC Entertainment and its history ,

What is AMC Entertainment?

What is AMC Entertainment?

AMC entertainment holdings incorporated through its subsidiaries is involved in the theatrical exhibition business. The company owns operates or has interests in theatres.

As of march 12, 2021 it operated approximately one thousand theatres and ten thousand seven hundred screens in the United States and internationally. The company was founded in 1920 and it’s headquartered in Leawood, Kansas.

They have also there segments in international market. There  international market are in many countries like united kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Saudi Arabia. AMC have also many brands like AMC, AMC CLASSIC and AMC DINE-IN. They also provide snacks, liquor, beer and wine options, and other gourmet products.

History of AMC entertainment?

The success of AMC started in 1920 that’s the year Stanley but it’s also the year that his father Edward got together with his brothers to purchase a movie theatre in Kansas City through the 1940s. Stanley the son impressively attended Harvard and served in world war too. After the war he returned back home to became part of his family business which by now expended into a handful of local location called durwood theatres. In 1960 Eward died and Stanley took over the business. The one thing that Stanley durwood will forever be known for is investing or at least innovating in the multiplex.

Now today the multiplex is pretty much the standard for watching on the big screen you know you typically get your ticket in the lobby and then walk past ten different theatres on your way to find the one that’s showing your movie that’s a multiplex. It’s a building that houses multiple movie theatres. In July of 1963 Stanley durwood opened his multiplex and it instantly became a huge part of the business. He continued opening them through the rest of the 1960s and in fact, In 1968 when he incorporated the business he changed the name to American Multi Cinema.

History of AMC entertainment?

History of AMC entertainment?

Is AMC holdings undervalued compared to its fair value and Its price related to the market ?

Share price vs fair value – The fair value of amc is 0.18 USD and it’s current price is 16.52. AMC is trading above our estimate of fair value .

Price to earning ratio

PE vs industry: AMC is uprofitable, so we can’t compare its PE ratio to the US Entertainment industry average.

PE vs Market: AMC is unprofitable, so we can’t comparre its PE ratio to the US market.

Price to earnings Growth ratio

PEG Ratio : Insuffecient data to calculate AMC’s PEG Ratio to determine if it is good value.

Price to book ratio

PB vs industry : AMC has negative assets, so we can’t compare its PB ratio to US entertainment industry average.

Future Growth

How is AMC entertainment holdings forecast to perform in the next 1 to 3 years based on estimates from analysts?

Earning vs savings rate : AMC is forcast to remain unprofitable over the next three years.

Earnings vs market : AMC is forecast to remain unprofitable over the next 3 years.

High Growth Earnings: AMC  is forecast to remain unprofitable over the next 3 years.

Revenue vs Market: AMC’S revenue is forecast to grow slower than the US market .

High growth revenue : Going much lower and lower.

Ownership : Ownership of breakdown private companies .002 percent. They own 10,000 shares public companies point 0.04 percent own hundred and ninety one thousand shares. Individual insiders even the insiders of the company you know aren’t bullish on it they aren’t confident that be holding prices are going up they know long term they shouldn’t be holding institutions.

How to buy and sell AMC stock

How to buy and sell AMC stock

If you want to invest in AMC stock in India, so it turns out that anyone in India with a proper ID proof which is odd our passport etc and the pan card can invest in US stock market. The liberalized remittance scheme or the LRS of RBI or OSA bamboo finger now allows an Indian resident to invest up to dollar 250,000 per year in overseas stock market. Many companies provide us broker mobile app from where you can buy and sell US stocks. Any of the following mentioned apps number vested and zero. You can buy US stock from other broker app.


If you want to buy this stock then should one more time think about it. If you are going for long term then it may be good but in short term this stock is in continue losses. If you are investing then please do it with your risk management. Never risk more than 1 percent of your capital.


1. What is the current price of AMC entertainment stock?

Ans = 14.11 USD

2. What is the full form of AMC stock?

Ans = American Multi – cinema

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