Ford motor company stock

Hello everyone welcome to your website investpixel. Maybe only a few people are left in the world. Who didn’t heard name of ford company. The owner of this company is Henry ford. Henry ford is the person who was appreciated by Adolf hitler that launched the first car that anyone can afford. He changed the world ‘s lifestyle through the medium of his car. He became one of the most influential industrialists.  So let’s talk about his company ford motor and ford motor company stock.

About company and stock

Ford motor company stock

Ford motor company is American multinational vehicle manufacturing company. It headquarter is situated in Michigan of Dearborn. Ford motor company is known for car manufacturing and automobile company. This company is manufacture, service and market passenger and commercial vehicle. Which are ford trucks, utility vehicles, van and cars, and Lincoln luxury vehicles. This company was established by henry ford in 16 june, 1903. This company have for than 2 lakh workers. The executive chairman of this company is William Clay ford Jr. The president and ceo of this company is Jim Hackett.

Ford motor company stock is listed in New York share market. Its current share price is 14.16 USD.

Company plan and updates

1. Ford motor Robo taxi service

Ford has invested over one in machine learning company argo ai to design the software to enable full self driving ford is expected to focus on building out the hardware platform and the physical car while argo ai will focus on the software side. Ford’s plan of full self driving have been delayed to 2022 missing its initial estimate of 2021 with the company expecting full self- driving limited to urban environments and ride- hailing robo taxi services

2. Current and former line

Current and former line – up in 2020 the company launched three new vehicles including the all electric mustang mach e the new f – 150 and the bronco sport the mustang mach e has adopted rear drive and targets 300 miles driving range which competes head to head with the model Y from tesla. Ford is causing its efforts largely on trucks and suvs and slowely phasing out its sedan lineup.The company has phased out its focus, fiesta, fusion and Taurus line of sedans. The company is also expected to  begin production on the iconic  bronco line which is expected to begin deliveries in the second half of 2021. Finally the company is expected to launch its third generation f 150 raptor which is expected to arrive with significant technological addition.

3. Strategic partnership with google

Strategic partnership with google singnificant technological additions strategic partnership with google. Ford has recently partnered up with google to accelerate its transformation and reinvent the connected vehicle experience ford plans to leverage google’s world class data artificial intelligence and machine learning to mordernize operations accelerate digital transformation and enhance its customer experience as part of this new collaboration starting from 2023. All future ford and Lincoln vehicles will be powered by android with google app and services built in further ford and google will establish a new collaborative group called team upshift leveraging the talents and assets of both companies team upshift will push the boundaries of ford’s digital transformation unlock personalized consumer experience and drive disruptive data – driven opportunities.This will include projects ranging from developing new retail experiences when buying the vehicle to creating new ownership based on data and more


Ford’s revenues were down 15 in 2020 due to the covid 19 pandemic but are expected to rise by 25 % and earning are expected to jump 180 % in 2021 based on consensus estimates however this boost is a temporary effect the opening of economy after lockdown growth is expected to normalize post 2021 with six percent revenue growth in 2022 and 30% growth in the bottom line. This growth rate should help above average gains over the next few year for the stock.


Where many companies are trading with valuations ford’s valuation is relatively cheap and attractive. Ford is trading at a forward PE ratio of 10.9. The company peg price earning to growth ratio is 0.34 and its price to sales ratio is only 0.38 . Its rare to see a company that is as profitable as 4 to trade at PE ratios near 10 and PEG and PS below 1 at current levels. Ford’s stock has plenty of room to run higher with strong growth being identified as the main catalyst.

 As with all automakers ford has also been impacted by the global semiconductor shortage. Many production lines have been shut down temporarily because there just aren’t any chips available which is an unprecedented event ford also faces the loss of sk innovation who are the battery suppliers for the company’s EV sk innovation was recently was recently banned from the us for 10 years following a loss against LG kim based on an intellectual property dispute. Ford will still have access to sk innovations batteries in the transition period but will need to find a domestic supplier


Ford streamlined its production phased out non- performing models in its lineup and heavily invested in elevtric vehicle. Ford has cash flow its f series models which can support growth investment in its Ev segments analysts have continued to increase earnings estimates as it has become clear than ever that ford is here to win an EV ford’s attractive low valuation leaves plenty of room for the stocks to appreciate at a strong pace the sales recovery over the next couple of years following a rough 2020 selling season can help drive growth and act as a catalyst for the stock. A stock a strong sustained upgrade cycle is expected with ford’s earnings which will help valuation rise making the stock very attractive.

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