How To Buy Infosys Stock From India

Hello everyone welcome to your website. Earlier I have told you about Tesla stock, Asian Paints, Amazon stock, mutual funds, cryptocurrency etc. If you want to know about them then definitely read the articles written by us on them. In this article we are going to tell about “How To Buy Infosys Stock From India”. We we are going to discuss about one of the biggest and growing IT company in our country which name is Infosys. if you want to know about Infosys more then stay with us in article.

History and introduction of Infosys

Infosys is a multinational company whose job is to inform people about the IT sector and do technology related work. This company was established in Pune and now its head quarter is in Bangalore. Its founder’s name is Mr. Murthy. Who does not know a big company like Infosys in this technology era. Initially, this company was not growing or was stable. But after 1981, gradually this company started growing, this company was started with 10,000 rupees which was started by Mr. Murthy. It is said that Mr. Murthy had taken money from his wife to start this company. The first computer arrived in this company in 1981. This company was shifted from Pune to Bangalore. In the middle of this company, the situation staggered and this company started going into loss, gradually this company reached the same stage in which it started. But still its founder and co-founder remained in this company and they tried to advance this company, after liberalization in 1991, this company started growing very fast. It became the first company to be listed nearby. Infosys is now become India’s one of the biggest multinational IT sector company which have more than 10000 employees. If you want to know about ” How To Buy Infosys Stock From India” then you must know about its history and introduction.

Fundamentals of Infosys

Fundamentals of Infosys

Infosys have a very good and strong fundamental with its history. The management of this company is very best to trade. It is the second biggest IT company in our country. Market capitalisation of Infosys is 621,355 cr. Beta value of Infosys is 0.97. TTM EPS of this company is 52.55 and also the face value is 5. Book value per share is 180.02, P/B ratio of this company is 8.20, P/C of Infosys company is 24.28. Dividend Yield of Infosys is 2.10. These are some fundamentals of Infosys if you want to know about “How To Buy Infosys Stock From India” then fundamentals is also very important.

How to buy and sell Infosys

There are some process for that which you have to complete. If you are a beginner in the stock market, then first of all you have to open a demat account. Infosys is the first IT company which registered in NASDAQ.

A. To open a demat account, you will need any stockbroker, you can open your demat account by joining a stockbroker. After downloading any broker app, you have to apply for demat account in it, for which you will need some documents like Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Photo, Net Banking, Bank Passbook. Remember your phone number should be linked with your Aadhar card, PAN card.

How to buy and sell Infosys

B. When your demat account opened, To buy stocks, you have to click in the search bar, then click on stock you want. if you want to buy it in equity, then click on delivery and add the quantity you want to buy.

C. Take and place order if you want to buy in market rate then you will get it in market rate if you want to place order in limit then you can do it in limit also. Once the order is confirmed, the stocks will be added to your demat account after t+2 days.

This is how you can buy stocks. If you want to sell the same stocks, then for that you have to verify to sell first, after verifying you can sell those stocks in the same quantity. They also need for “How To Buy Infosys Stock From India”


This is all about “How To Buy Infosys Stock From India”. Infosys have very good fundamental with it intrinsic value. Investment should not be done in just one sector, investment should also be done in different places like real estate etc. But after investing in share market, the chances of profit are very high. But the chances of loss are the same, so you should trade keeping in mind your risk reward ratio. Never put more than 1% of your funds at risk. If you liked this post please share it with your friends. Thank you for staying with us till now in this article.


1. Current price of Infosys LTD?

1,475.00 INR

2. What is the full form of Infosys?

The name Infosys derived from Information Systems

3. What is special about Infosys?

Infosys touched US$ 100 million in 1999. It also became the first IT company from India to be listed on NASDAQ.

4. Where is headquarter of Infosys?


5. Who is ceo of Infosys?

Sahil parekh

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