How to invest in Gold 

Hello everyone, welcome to your website. Earlier I have told about Tesla stock, Ford stock, Amazon stock, Disney stock etc. If you want know about them, then definitely read the articles written by us on them. Investing is not hard especially when you have familiar options like gold, a very stable investment for any investor this article will give you a beginner guide to investing in gold.


It is important to remember that while the median age of modern currencies is only 42 year old gold is a 4.7 billion year old investment and has been popular investment vehicle for people wishing to preserve their wealth and increase their purchasing power for thousands of years. This increase in demand for gold is in effect, a sign of investors. “Voting with their feel” in respect to the current economic policies being implemented around the world.

Purchasing physical gold, silver or any other precious metal in the form of bullion bars and coins is one of the safest and most conventional methods of investing in gold. Bullion buyers have a tremendous choice of products when it comes to purchasing gold coins and bullion and reputable online dealers complete fiercely to provide competitive prices to their customers. 1 oz gold coins have traditionally been a highly popular choice amongst investors, Espacially American Gold Eagles, Canadian Maple leafs, Australian kangaroos, and South African Krugerrands. It’s important to remember that when buying physical gold, you will always be paying a price higher than the prevailing spot price in the open market.   

How to invest in gold for beginner

Why gold should be an integral part of your investment

Gold investment have delivered impressive returns in the past and gold price have been consistently grown during the increased stock market volatility due to the challenging economic environment created by the covid 19 situation or demonetization in India in 2016. This evidently shows that gold performance better during economic turbulence. Gold becomes more significant as a safety net that is known to be of help in times of need so it’s important to have gold as an investment hedge, while diversifying your portfolio

How can you invest in Gold

How can you invest in Gold

Now we all know that the traditional way to invest in gold through coins bars and jewellery these forms of gold are known as physical gold while physical has its own advantages for new age generation like ours. There are many more modern options to invest in gold virtually such as digital gold. Gold mutual funds gold Etfs gold futures etc. These option are convenient, safe and hassle free for all investors.

How can you start investing in gold the modern way

Let’s start with digital gold. Digital gold refers to gold which can be bought online and this is not the same as buying jewellery bars or gold coins instead. You invest in gold with same purity as physical pure gold for same gold and 99.99 in case mmtc pam purchases. Now when you invest in digital gold an equivalent amount of physical gold is bought and stored in your name in a secured vault this happens after your investment has accumulated the value of at least one gram of gold. Digital gold can be bought on leading online platforms and you can start with investing as low as rupee one. If digital gold here’s a fun fact phone pay saw a six fold on year on year increase on gold sales during Diwali in 2020 and paytm witnessed an 86 percent year-on- year leap in gold sales during diwali week of 2020. The other option is to invest in gold Etfs. Indian gold Etfs witness significant inflows that nearly doubled form 14.8 tons at the end of 2019 28.3 ton at the end of 2020. Gold Etfs are listed on the national stock exchange of India and Bombay stock exchange limited. You can trade in them with a dmat account the third option is gold mutual funds via sips systematic investment plan allow you to make small frequent investment instead of one lump sum amount and steadily grow your account over time. You don’t need a dmat account to invest in gold sips lastly you can also invest in gold futures.

Gold future- Gold future are a type trading scheme where you settle in the future at a pre decided date you pay a small price in the present but the gold is delivered to you in the future upon receiving the complete payment for the similar to other virtual gold investments. Gold future also eliminate the issues of storing physical gold and offer higher liquidity and ease so as you can see.

you have nothing to loose and so much to gain by investing in gold.


Gold place very well during the time of inflation. Actually inflation most of the time doesm’t affect the gold market. Gold is a Hedge against inflation. It is very liquid in nature. The liquidity of gold is very high. If you have gold worth 10,00,000 in your house, May be you are planning for marriage, your daughter or your son is getting marriage. You need for money. If you have gold then it soon sell and give immediate cash. When you investing and holds its value over a long period of time. If you are going two buy gold around worth 10,00,000 after 10 years it price may be very higher. If you buyed gold for yourself like investing money in the gold would be the safest option But as I said a coin has two side there are also some lacking side in investing in gold. It gives you no return like gold is not a passive investment.


1. What is the current price of gold?

52,030.00 Indian rupee

2. Who control Gold price?

The Indian bullion jewellers Association or the IBJA

3. Gold is a asset or commodity ?

Gold is a commodity

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