What is an Investment ?

Hello everyone, welcome to your website invest pixel today we are going to discuss about ‘ what is an investment’ . More than one in five people don’t have future saving. Future investment can be a very important component in our life. Most of the young people nowadays do not realize the power of saving for their future. Learning how to invest for the future at young age can help you become financially free.

There are many great options that a person can invest in such as, mutual funds, bonds, certificates of deposite , and stocks.

What is investing?

What is investing?

When you invest, you’re giving your money the chance to work for you and your future goals. It is more complicated than a checking and savings account. Investing is the process of buying assets that appreciates in value over time and provide returns in the form of income payments or capital gains. Investing works when you buy and hold assets ta=hat generate income

Importance of investing Early

It is important to start investing early because it allow you to get a head start and become more financial free. Another important reason of starting early is that your money appreciates at a faster rate every year and earns you divided.

Furthermore, the money that is contributed to your investment does’nt get taxed.

Types of investment !

Types of investment !

Mutual funds is a mix of investments packaged together.

Bonds is a load to company or government that pays investors a fixed rate over a specific timeframe.

Certificates of deposit is a type of savings account usually issued by commercial banks, which restricts your access to the money you invest but offers much higher interest rates than those associated with regular savings accounts.

Stocks is a security that represents the ownership of a fraction of corporation.

When you should start investing?

When you should start investing?

The best time to start saving is when you finish high school and start to earn annual income, this is most effective way to building future wealth.

Another great way to start investing is to first plan your retirement goals. For example, you need to know how much you will need by the time you retire.

Also another great way is to save as a little as 15% percent of your income earnings.

How to start investing?

How to start investing?

It only cost as much as a dollar to start putting money on the side .

One important step before beginning investing is to build an emergency funds that can take care on you for six months of emergency.

Another great step is to open a brokerage account or 401k . 401k is a plan that allows employees to contribute a portion of their wages to individual accounts.

A financial advisor can be so useful in helping you plan manage your portfolio.

Investing strategies

Investing strategies

First thing before investing, you need to figure out what is your risk tolerance is. This is determined by several factors including your income, age, and how long you have until you retire.

Second investment strategy is understanding what you’re putting your money in helps you avoid potential lost. Third strategy is being able to controlling your emotion during investing. A person is more at risk of losing their investment whenever they get attached or emotional.

Fourth strategy is being able to pick the best portfolio with potential to grow and expand last strategy is being consistent. The key to building wealth over time is consistency.

Where to invest money


There are many things where we can invest some of them are – 

  • Stock market – We can invest own money in stock market. Stock market where we can trade share of companies. If we invest our money here then if company rises and the price of share increases then we earn profit.
  • Cryptocurrency – A crytocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions and to control thr creation of additional unit of the currency. It’s value increased more than 400 times of it’s initial value due to the gain of popularity in decent times.
  • Real estate- In real state we can buy land, buildings or housing etc and after some time when there demand and value increases it’s price increases.
  • Mutual funds – We can also invest in mutual funds. Mutual funds companies invest our money in share market in various companies and when share are in profit which are selected by mutual funds companies  then we makes profit.


Some people think you need a lot of money to start investing for the future, which is not true.

Another miscomputation is that investing for the future a just a waste of money.

Also, people believe that the investing for the investing for the investing for the near future is too risky. But if you look back at 2000-2009, a diversified portfolio of the market significantly outperformed U.S. larger cap investment.

People compare it to gambling. Which is not true, when investing you are making calculated decision based on your understanding.


There are many great options that a person can invest in such as, mutual funds, bonds, certificate of deposit, and stocks.

Early start of future investing can help prevent unpredictable future investing can help prevent unpredictable future risks.

Many people are failing to save enough to fund their retirements. One reason for this is that start retirements planning and savings too late in their working lives.

A better understanding of the power of compounding could help  young people to start saving and investing earlier in their careers.

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